Five attitudes you need to make money from home


I truly believe that when it comes to making money from home attitude is everything. Let's talk about attitudes you need for your home-based business to succeed.

1. The first thing that I think you absolutely have to have is flexibility.

Some days do go according to plan. I work during "rest time" at our house. This is the golden 90 minutes where everyone is quiet in their rooms. (I bribe my older ones. Let's be real.) But last week my baby just didn't want to nap.

 So that meant that I didn't have "office hours" that day. So I had to stay up a little bit later and work after everyone had gone to bed. But it was worth it to get the work done and to get to snuggle my little nugget.

You have to have flexibility. You have to understand that not everyday is going to be perfect. Not everyday is going to go exactly the way that you want it to. And you have to be willing to roll with the punches.

2. You have to be a self-motivator.

When you are working at home for yourself, you don't have a boss. So you don't have someone that's going to tell you when things need to get done, how they need to get done.

You have to have the type of personality that doesn't need to be micromanaged. You have to get up everyday, put your clothes on, sit at your computer or wherever it is you're working—and work. There are no defined hours; sometimes there's no definite end to the day.

It takes a little while to get into a good rhythm, but it is so important. So that self-motivation, self-starter is something that you have to have.

3. You have got to be used to hearing the word No.

"No, thanks, we don't need it." "No, maybe later."  "That's not really for us."

You have to get accustomed to hearing these words.

It's hard at first, it stings. Rejection is never easy but one thing that I remind myself is that rejection doesn't have an impact on my overall life.

They are saying no to a service. They're not coming and taking my kids away, burning down my house, stealing my car. They're just saying no. I'm not a good fit for them. So you have to get used to just being told no and you have to kind of develop a thick skin.

4. You have to get over apologizing.

Something I talk about in my course Virtual Assistant Prep School, is how when you are asking someone for money, when you're asking someone to pay you, you can't apologize for it. You can't say, "Oh, I'm going to charge you $150 for this project. Is that okay?" You just have to boldly say, "These are my rates. This is what I charge. Let me know if you want to work with me."

I feel like sometimes as women, we apologize for taking up space and time. We apologize when we sit down at the table like we don't have the right to be there.

I was at a conference and I heard the author Christine Caine say, "Show up to the table like you belong there, and don't apologize for having an opinion." I'm paraphrasing greatly. But it really empowered because I am an apologizer. 

I've had to walk the line between being assertive and being kind. You can be assertive without being mean. And I think sometimes women are unfairly labeled when we are assertive. It's not fair but it's something you have to kind of work against.

5. You have to turn off distractions.

I was asked recently, "What do you do when you're trying to work towards your goals but the phone's ringing and the email notifications are coming through?" It's really simple: Turn them off.

Turn off your email notifications; turn off your phone. iPhones have a really great Do Not Disturb function and they work in group text messages too.If you're working and you don't need your wifi, you might turn it off if it's a distraction.

What about you? What attitudes would you add to the list?