8 ways to keep blog content fresh!


I recently got an awesome question from one of my "students" in my coaching group. Here is her question. 

Lydia, do you ever go through creative mind blocks? Working from home, I feel like after I've come up with content for others, the brain compartment that should hold ideas for my blog/videos is dry! Wondered if you had any thing you try when mom brain takes over?

I had to laugh at this because as much as we love our babies, we do have mom brain. Don't we?

So here are a few ways to keep content fresh. 

1. Make themed days. 

Over on my main blog, I have Money Monday. Each Monday I know I am putting out a content piece all about money and personal finance. The decision is made for me, every Monday I write about money. If no other posts go up that week, it's fine, because at least one day a week I know I am going to write about money. And that well doesn't run dry for me because personal finance is my passion. 

2. Have an editorial calendar

Grab your planner and get to jotting down some ideas. I plan out my editorial calendar TWO weeks in advance. That way I know what is coming down the pike, content-wise. You can do a week at a time or a month at a time. But working from a calendar saves you so much time. 

3. Outline. 

Have you read the Fringe Hours by Jessica Turner? If not I would highly suggest it. But in the book, Turner talks about using time wisely to get as much done as possible. So when I have a great idea for a video, email newsletter or blog post I simply jot it down as quickly as possible in my notebook or the back of my planner. 

When it comes time to write the actual post, it's pretty much done. 

4. Revisit old content

You probably have a treasure trove of old content you could pull from for new pieces. You can either revisit an old concept by seeing how it applies to your life today or updating it for current years or trends. Or you can simply repost a great piece that didn't get much traffic by adding fresh new graphics. 

5. Look at trends

Have you been using Google Trends? If not why??? It shows you literally what everyone is Googling. See if any trends apply to your business or blog and go with it!

6. Don't post daily

I know that seems counterproductive, but honestly, if you're trying to post daily and your content isn't great people will stop tuning in. Instead, focus on fewer days with BETTER content. 

7. Go seasonal

Is there a holiday coming up? A busy business quarter? A big sports game or awards show? Why not post content that applies to that theme? 

8. Ask a question

Over on my social media, I ask people questions. Sometimes I use these questions to write blog posts and sometimes I use them get ideas in the future. I might take an answer or idea and paste it into a Google doc until I have time to flesh it out.